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¿Qué es la apnea?

Freediving is the practice of holding your breath when diving underwater without the use of breathing equipment, such as a scuba tank. Freediving is a way of life for some, a competitive sport for others, and a hobby for many.

Recreational freediving is freediving for leisure, such as on vacation or training (non-competitively) with a certified buddy. People freedive recreationally for many reasons: to challenge themselves physically and mentally, to take beautiful underwater photos, to improve their mental health, to explore the underwater world, or to improve their fitness. The reasons are endless. But most freedivers will mention the feeling of peace and calm they have when they dive, and how they use it as a form of meditation and feeling connected to their surroundings.


Freediving can allow you to explore the ocean in a more intimate manner. Scuba divers are limited in their vertical movements, which means that if they want to follow a sea turtle, they cannot do so if the sea turtle swims too far above or below them because of the excess nitrogen they are breathing in from compressed gas. Freedivers are not limited by this and are free to swim however they please for as long as they can hold their breath. They are also unencumbered by heavy tanks and equipment, making diving less stressful on their bodies and feeling as if they are in zero-gravity.

Freediving is also an activity that people use to explore themselves. Self-awareness is an important part of the sport, and freedivers constantly challenge themselves mentally and embark on a journey into their own mind with each dive.

Confidence in Water

Freediving courses and training maintain a heavy focus on safety. Freediving makes you aware of your own behavior in the water, how to spot signs of trouble, and teaches you how to behave in rescue scenarios. More confidence in the water is beneficial to everyone, especially if you are capable of helping someone in trouble.


People who make freediving their lifestyle may make some lifestyle changes. If they are smokers, they make smoke less or even quit, decrease alcohol intake, change their nutrition, take up meditation, or practice yoga or other forms of cross-training. They usually also become more environmentally aware, and may take an interest in ocean conservation once they realize how important the oceans are to the world. There are many positive lifestyle changes that can come from incorporating freediving into your daily life.

Who Can Freedive?

Freediving is accessible to anyone with a good level of health and fitness and the ability to swim unassisted. If you are not sure if you are able to participate, consult with a medical professional before signing up for a freediving course.

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apnea javea freediving
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